1st Semester

1st Semester
Course Code Course Title Specialization Category Course Hours ECTS Course Tutors
GEO 1060 Introduction To Economics G.B. 3 5 Filinis Kyriakos
GEO 1070 Philosophy Of Science G.B. 3 5 Fotopoulos Panagiotis
GEO1010 Mathematical Analysis G.B. 4 5 Stamatiou Ioannis
GEO1020 Linear Algebra And Matrix Analysis G.B. 4 5 Katsouleas Giorgos
GEO1030 Informatics And Programming G.B. 4 5 Sgouros Nikolaos
GEO1040 Fundamentals Of Geodesy And Surveying Engineering S.B. 4 5 Ntzouropanos Spyridon, Oikonomou Emmanouil
GEO1050 Technical And Topographic Drawing G.B. 4 5 Peppa Evaggelia